I have been offering online hypnotherapy sessions for over four years now. In March 2020 I moved my hypnosis practice entirely online and in that time I have used hypnotherapy to help people overcome relationship breakdown, addictions, anxiety, depression, PTSD and CPTSD. I have helped people stop emotional eating, increase their confidence and self esteem. I have a very popular 4 week inner child program which helps people increase self love and self acceptance. 

Most of my clients have experienced life changing results by having their hypnotherapy sessions online with me. I have noticed that emotional pain and the avoidance of it are at the core of most people’s problems. My emotional eating and weight loss clients often use food as a way to avoid emotional pain, stop smoking and addiction clients use cigarettes or substances to try and suppress what they feel. The avoidance of emotional pain is at the core of most if not all of our problems in life, it’s been proven that the brain processes emotional and physical pain in the same ways and so many psychosomatic issues can also be the result of painful emotions. Some people believe that repressed anger can actually cause many physical illnesses, it is accepted that living with anxiety and depression has a severe effect on the immune response and reduces the body’s ability to fight disease. 

So How Can Online Hypnotherapy Help With Emotional Pain

Traumatic experiences and life threatening events can cause us to suffer unwanted emotions and unwanted memories related to those emotions, hypnotherapy is very effective at helping people process and overcome traumatic memories so they can live their lives free of the anxiety and depression that the memories may be causing them. In this post I talk more about hypnotherapy to overcome trauma

Inner Child Healing To Help With Emotional Pain 

Children need to feel loved and accepted unconditionally, they need good enough parents to make them feel safe, secure and validated. Children, especially babies, look to their parents to help them coregulate their emotions. A calm parent will provide healthy external regulation for the baby, a dysregulated parent will add to the baby’s dysregulation. Most parents have their own unresolved trauma, anxieties and depression which babies will pick up on. Read more about inner child healing in these posts. Watch the YouTube video below for my inner child healing to reduce emotional pain workshop. 

What Resists Persists

All emotions have value, modern society teaches us that it’s bad to feel emotions, that feeling anxious or depressed means there is something wrong with us but this is not true. All emotions have a purpose and they are trying to help us in some way, there would be something wrong with you if you never felt depressed or anxious. Anxiety is part of the fight or flight response, it’s purpose is to keep us safe and allow us to escape danger. 

Depression can alert us to something missing in our lives, maybe we are unfulfilled in our job or feeling isolated. It’s the avoidance of painful emotions that causes suffering, we become anxious about feeling anxious and isolate ourselves which can then lead to depression. Depressed feelings which are unaddressed may lead to us feeling depressed about being depressed. To find out more about how hypnotherapy can help with anxiety and depression watch the video I live streamed to my YouTube channel. Hypnosis can help you to become more mindful and accepting of your feelings, as someone who once suffered with very severe anxiety I know that when we stop resisting and fighting negative feelings they quickly subside. 

Changing One Part Of A System Changes All Parts Of The System

Systems theory says that by changing one part of the system we can change all parts of the system. I use NLP and CBT techniques to help clients start to shift their focus and change their behaviour which then has a knock on effect, improving their thoughts and changing how they feel in previously negative situations. 

The Power Of Visualisation

You can’t be someone you don’t perceive yourself to be, if you perceive yourself to be anxious and depressed it is very hard to be anything other than anxious and depressed. With hypnosis I clients are able to visualise themselves the way they want to be and rehearse the lives and behaviours they actually want to have. Research has shown that the mind cannot tell the difference between a real and imagined event. Visualisation actually creates new neural pathways and the more we practice it the stronger those neural pathways become. 

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