I had issues with anxiety, CPTSD, low confidence and self-esteem in the past and hypnosis has been effective in helping me with them all but blushing was probably my biggest success. Blushing used to be a huge issue for me and I was able to overcome it in just one self-hypnosis session.

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Severe social anxiety and blushing were major issues for me until I discovered hypnotherapy, things had gotten really bad before I eventually decided to give hypnosis a go. Social interactions had become very difficult and I started to isolate myself by working from home, I had very few friends and all my relationships were really dysfunctional. I was able to overcome my blushing issues with just one session of self-hypnosis.

Blushing caused me intense shame and embarrassment, I used to feel that people were laughing at me and talking behind my back. I became increasingly paranoid about my blushing and this caused me to blush more. When I look back on it now I think my perception of the issue was probably worse than it actually was but at the time it was horrendous, embarrassing and a source of much anxiety which cause more blushing.

A Fear of Blushing Is Called Erythrophobia

I think I developed a fear of blushing because someone pointed out to me/claimed I had gone red during a conversation, she thought it was funny but it began to make me observe my face and facial sensations whenever I found myself in similar situations, I was already a very anxious/paranoid young man and I think this paranoia caused me to develop a blushing problem. Being red-haired and fair-skinned meant I would blush easily anyway but now I was looking for it the problem became ten times worse.


Rumination is when we play memories and events back in our heads again and again. I would ruminate on times when I blushed and start worrying that people had noticed then I would worry what they would think if they noticed, would they think I fancied them or that I was lying about something? This then caused me to be anxious about blushing in similar situations, the next time I was in these situations the anxiety caused me to blush even more and the blushing became a self-fulfilling prophecy, the whole issue escalated from there.

How Does Hypnosis For Blushing Work

Blushing is something that usually happens on an unconcious level and hypnosis allows us to access the uncouncious mind to reduce the anxious feelings and change the behaviour, I have developed a very successful method to help blushing sufferers which involves desensitising the fear and changing the individuals focus.

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