Until I discovered hypnotherapy I struggled with severe anxiety issues and panic attacks that’s why I am passionate and dedicated to helping anxiety sufferers, trauma survivors and people who suffer from agoraphobia.

I have an excellent track record of helping people through hypnotherapy, NLP and CBT.

What Is Agoraphobia?

If you suffer from agoraphobia you probably have a fear of feeling trapped, being unable to escape or get help if you need it. You may worry that people are judging or talking about you. You may suffer anxiety when you are left on your own of worry about having panics attacks in public, many agoraphobia sufferers fear certain places and for many, it can develop into a complete fear of leaving home.

Agoraphobia Sufferers Experience Anxiety When

  • On the tube or metro.
  • Being in crowded places.
  • Being underground.
  • In confined spaces.
  • Being in crowds.
  • Left on their own.
  • Being in crowds.
  • Leaving home or even their room.

Hypnotherapy For Agoraphobia

I have helped many clients with hypnosis. One anxiety client recently said,

“My anxiety was so bad I could not sleep for over 2 weeks. I contacted
Mark who is a brilliant hypnotherapist. He was very kind, flexible and supportive in helping me overcome my anxiety issues.

He is genuinely committed to seeing his clients succeed. My sleep has
improved and my anxiety has reduced with the hypnosis sessions and
techniques Mark has taught me.”

Hypnosis is an extremely successful method to help people who suffer with anxiety and agoraphobia. To learn more about hypnotherapy for agoraphobia and find out if I can help you schedule a free call below.

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