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Life Transformation Group

Life Transformation Group


Get access to all my inner child courses, my emotional eating and negative self talk course. Regular lives, support, question and answer sessions via an exclusive Facebook group. Just £24.99 with a 30 day money back guarantee.


Get access to all my inner child, emotional eating and negative self talk courses. Regular lives, support, question and answer sessions via an exclusive Facebook group. Just £24.99 with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Inner Child Healing To Increase Emotional Intelligence & Self Acceptance

I have used the techniques, exercises and resources I provide on this course heal my own inner child, to deal with my own self acceptance, splitting, projection, dissociation and complex PTSD.

Understand Toxic Shame

Causes Of Projection

Reintegrate Disowned and Projected Parts

What Is Splitting

Increase Emotional Intelligence

Change Beliefs

Overcome Shame Bound Feelings

Increase Confidence

Increase Self-Esteem

Stop Yourself Imposing Limiting Beliefs on Your Own Child

Remove Obstacles Preventing Your From Achieving Your Goals

Increase Positive Thoughts

Reduce Anxious Feelings

Reparent Your Inner Child

This course contains over 2 hours of video content with written exercises and a selection of hypnosis MP3 downloads. Following the exercises and listening to the hypnosis recordings on this course will enable you to fully reintegrate shame bound feelings and reparent your inner child.

Overcome Negative Self Talk | Silencing The Inner Critic With Hypnosis, NLP & Mindfulness

Quieten The Negative Inner Chatter | Stop Negative Thoughts | Increase Confidence & Self Esteem With Hypnosis

This online course has over 2 hours of online content that will show you where negative self-talk comes from and how you can reduce it using hypnosis, NLP, mindfulness and journaling techniques.

Learn methods to stop negative self-talk and silence the inner critic.

This course is for you if you would like to:

Stop anxiety and paranoia from controlling your life.

Feel comfortable in public and social situations.

Achieve your goals.

Release anything holding you back.

Take control of your life.

Overcome limiting beliefs.

Improve your self-image.

Have more confidence and self-esteem.

Learn how to set goals that you will be able to stick to and achieve.

The course includes hypnosis and guided meditation MP3 downloads.

Emotional Eating & Inner Child Healing For Self Acceptance – Overcome Childhood Trauma and More

More courses being added regularly just £24.99 for a limited time.


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