Hypnosis can be used to improve all kinds of performance; sports, business even sexual performance can be improved with hypnotherapy. Hypnosis can help business executives, entrepreneurs and sports people to stay focused and perform at their best.

Numerous studies have shown that the mental attitude of sports people and athletes is what differentiates professionals from those that just play for fun. In this study, male gymnasts were questioned to discover correlations were performed to assess the relationship between these factors and superior athletic performance. Data from this exploratory study suggested that varying patterns of cognition may be strongly correlated with successful and superior gymnastic performance. Specifically, dream frequency, self-verbalizations, and certain forms of mental imagery seemed to differentiate the best gymnasts from those who failed to make the Olympic team.

In another study, two sets of basketball players were asked to either practice taking shots or just envisage themselves taking shots, after a week the two groups were tested on the court and the group that envisaged themselves taking shots actually did better than the grouped that played for real.

Mental Attitude

Everyone knows the importance that a positive mental attitude can have, in this post a hypnotherapist reveals how top CEOs, film stars and film directors pay him $25,000 for a session. He says hypnotherapy is like their secret weapon. Our beliefs create our reality if we believe we are going to succeed we will.

How Hypnotherapy Can Improve Performance

Hypnotherapy can be used to find and over come any mental blocks you may have holding you back, mental blocks could be things like limiting beliefs, past trauma, maybe bitterness towards a previous partner or business associate. When it comes to money and business performance there can be numerous limiting beliefs such as money is the root of all evil, money can’t buy happiness, etc. it could just be a person’s belief in their own abilities that is holding them back.

Sports That Hypnotherapy Can Help With

As already mentioned above hypnosis can be used to improve concentration, focus and remove any negative blocks, trauma or limiting beliefs this means that it can improve performance in all aspects of a person’s life not just their sports or business performance but hypnotherapy is very popular to improve performance in sports that require a focused attention such as Golf or Snooker.


Hypnotherapy is very effective at improving self-motivation and reducing procrastination, one of the reasons I became interested in hypnotherapy is because I used it to help with my procrastination issues. Again a lack of motivation could be caused by self-belief, anger or resentment.

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