In March 2020 I started offering hypnotherapy online via Zoom and I am pleased to have been able to help numerous people suffering from low self esteem, low confidence, anxiety and PTSD. Below are is just some of the feedback from my many happy clients: 

“I am so grateful for having hypnotherapy sessions from Mark – I was really suffering with anxiety to the point of having many panic attacks and felt frightened.

I did my research and decided to have 6 sessions and I am so grateful I did.

Mark is a lovely man so understanding which helped me open up and therefore treatment was successful.

I now haven’t had a panic attack – slowed down and said yes to things I wouldn’t of normally done.

I would definitely recommend to friends and family.”

“I have noticed a difference in the 3 sessions. I know I have ‘work’ to do myself too but I have felt more confident and less anxious. I hope to notice more changes in time.” – Anxiety Client

“If you are looking for a Hypnotherapist please do try this. He is easy to talk to and very accommodating.” – Anxiety Client

“Extremely pleased with the results of my hypnotherapy sessions with Mark. I never knew that this type of therapy could be so powerful. I feel differently and am becoming the person I want to be, I never thought it would happen so quickly within the space of a few weeks. Highly recommend it!” – Self Esteem Client

More feedback can be found on my Google business page

In my post how online hypnotherapy for anxiety and trauma works I discussed how many people still think they need to see me in person to increase their self esteem, confidence and reduce their anxiety but that just isn’t the case. Hypnotherapy via Zoom works just as well as in person therapy and is actually better in many instances. 

Why Online Hypnotherapy With Me Is Better

People have misconceptions of what hypnotherapy actually is, hypnotherapy and hypnosis in general are not mind control like T.V and stage shows lead you to believe. Hypnosis is a natural state that we all experience several times during the course of a day, it’s a focused state of attention and something that is done with you not to you. 

Online hypnotherapy with me is better because I am a better therapist than most. I was recognised as the best hypnotherapist in Windsor, Berkshire by and unlike many hypnotherapists I don’t read scripts, I have done extensive training in many psychotherapy techniques (some of my qualifications can be found on this page) my training and experience means that I tailor all sessions to the clients specific needs. 

My sessions are longer than the standard 1 hour, a session with me usually lasts 90 to 120 minutes because I take the first 40 to 60 minutes to really understand my clients problems. I use conversational and NLP techniques in this time to help them start to see things differently. I usually come up with homework and suggest exercises that clients can do between sessions to increase and track their progress. Only once I have a clear idea of my clients issues and goals does the hypnosis begin. 

How Zoom Hypnosis Works

I like Zoom because it is a very stable video conferencing platform, disconnections are very rare but in the unlikely event that we do become disconnected you can just wake up like you’ve had a relaxing sleep and click the link to reconnect with me again. The biggest benefit of online hypnotherapy via Zoom is that we can do the session where you feel most comfortable, for most people that is their home. 

Zoom works on laptops, desktops and tablets. Most people connect to the session with their Android or Apple Smartphones. It helps if you have your camera on for the session but sometimes people prefer to keep it off and that’s fine by me. 

Zoom Hypnotherapy for Self Esteem 

Self esteem is what we call a nominalisation in NLP, a nominalisation is a term for something you can’t put in a wheelbarrow. Nominalisations happen whenever a person describes a process (Verb) as a thing (Noun). Nouns are fixed and definite. Verbs are actions and allow for change.

After hypnotherapy sessions to increase their self esteem, clients report being able to value themselves, they stop looking to the outside world for approval or love, they don’t fear rejection and they become capable of taking responsibility for their actions. People with healthy self esteem are self motivated, they find it easier to form healthy relationships and overcome the need to be people pleasers. 

As I discuss in my self esteem workshops a recording of which can be found below, confidence and self esteem often get confused, they are not the same thing but by increasing one we will have a knock on effect to the other. 

If you’d like to find out more about hypnotherapy to increase self esteem, confidence and reduce anxiety just schedule a call via the Anxiety Hypnotherapist homepage,

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