Until March 2020 I gave clients a choice of whether they wanted to work with me online or in person but the restrictions introduced in 2020 made in person therapy impossible so I started offering only online hypnotherapy for anxiety and trauma, my clients continued to experience outstanding results via online therapy but some still request in person therapy. Many people seem to think in person therapy is more effective but in my experience it isn’t. 

Feedback From An Online Client Suffering With Anxiety

After working with me to overcome her anxiety one client recently said, “I am so grateful for having hypnotherapy sessions from Mark-I was really suffering with anxiety to the point of having many panic attacks and felt frightened.

I did my research and decided to have 6 sessions and I am so grateful I did. Mark is a lovely man so understanding which helped me open up and therefore treatment was successful .

I now haven’t had a panic attack – slowed down and said yes to things I wouldn’t have normally done. I would definitely recommend to friends and family x”

After completing their online sessions with me I often ask clients to complete an exit survey and to date 100% of respondents have said they did achieve the results they were looking for and that they would recommend me to family and friends. 

As a former anxiety sufferer myself I know how you feel, I also know what worked for my own anxiety issues and those of my clients. I specialise in helping clients overcome anxiety, trauma and CPTSD which means I have a far more in depth knowledge of these issues than a therapist who sees everyone for everything. 

If a therapist is working offline they have higher overheads, need to keep a constant flow of clients through their practice and so cannot be choosy about who they help, the majority of clients an offline hypnotherapist sees will be smoking and weight loss. 

In the offline world there are just not enough clients willing to travel long distances for a specific problem. Being online means I can be more specific, the internet is a big place which means I can reach a far greater audience and be more specific about who I help. If you went to the hospital for a heart operation, would you rather see a heart surgeon who specialises in your problem or a GP who sees everyone? 

So How Does Online Hypnotherapy For Anxiety and Trauma Work? 

Online hypnotherapy works pretty much the same as in person, clients who are ready to overcome their anxiety can book a free call via my hypnotherapy for anxiety page. In this initial consultation call we will have a chat to find out more about you and how anxiety is affecting your, if I believe I can help you I’ll advise how many sessions I think you are going to need (the majority of my clients experience life changing results within 3 sessions), we’ll then schedule a suitable time for our first session and I’ll email or text you a Zoom link for our appointment. 

Online hypnotherapy works best if you have a stable internet connection, are located in a quiet space where you’re comfortable and won’t be disturbed for the duration of our session. You don’t need any special equipment, just a laptop or SMARTphone will suffice. The first thirty to forty five minutes of our session will be talking therapy. Some clients like to talk for the whole session and this is fine, I can still help such clients overcome anxiety but many expect a more traditional style hypnosis session and this is fine too. The second part of the session is usually an eye’s closed hypnosis session. It’s very rare that the internet connection fails, but if it does you can just open your eyes feeling as though you have just woken up from a lovely relaxing sleep and click the Zoom link to reconnect. 

So What Is Hypnosis? 

Hypnosis is a perfectly natural state that we all experience several times during the course of a day. If you’ve ever driven somewhere, gotten to your destination and not remembered the journey, that’s hypnosis. If you’ve ever read a book and lost track of time, that’s hypnosis. Hypnosis is not something that’s done to you, it’s something that’s done with your cooperation, you will be in control at all times. Research has shown that through the use of hypnosis we can achieve the same results in 3 sessions as years of traditional therapy or psychoanalysis. 

If you’d like to know more about how hypnotherapy can help trauma and anxiety sufferers you can find posts on my blog, https://anxietyhypnotherapist.org/2021/05/hypnotherapy-to-overcome-trauma/ and https://anxietyhypnotherapist.org/2021/04/how-hypnosis-helped-me-to-overcome-anxiety/ or you can schedule a free chat with me via my site https://anxietyhypnotherapist.org/

A number of clinical and peer reviewed studies have shown great results when using hypnosis to help anxiety sufferers the most recent study I can find was in 2019 and titled: The Efficacy Of Hypnosis As A Treatment For Anxiety. The study found, “the average participant receiving hypnosis reduced anxiety more than about 79% of control participants. At the longest follow-up, seven trials yielded a mean weighted effect size of 0.99 (p ≤ .001), demonstrating the average participant treated with hypnosis improved more than about 84% of control participants.”


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