I believe everyone could benefit from inner child healing, you don’t have to have suffered from neglect, abuse or childhood trauma to benefit from healing your inner child. It has been scientifically proven that until the age of 7 a child’s brain is mostly in a theta brainwave state, theta is the brainwave state we are looking to access with hypnosis. We enter this brainwave state every night just as we are dozing off to sleep, it is a hyper learning state, a time when we are most open to suggestion.

It is in this age range that our brain has the highest levels of neuroplasticity. When we are learning all the most complex and difficult tasks such as walking and talking, it is when we are forming our identity. Even if we grew up in loving and supportive families most of us will still have adopted limiting beliefs that stop us reaching our full potential and getting where we want to go in life. If you find yourself repeatedly in unwanted situations, having troubles with money or relationships it is likely that you picked up these patterns of behaviour from your parents or close relatives.

It’s Never Too Late

Although neuroplasticity is at its peak when we are children we can still create new beliefs and neural pathways when we are older, with the use of hypnosis these new beliefs can be adopted even faster. Every time we repeat a pattern of behaviour the neural pathway becomes stronger but when we stop repeating old unwanted patterns those pathways die and new, more desirable patterns can be formed when we repeat these new patterns new neural pathways will be created and strengthened.

Inner Child Healing For Fear and Anxiety

It is said that children are only born with two fears, the fear of falling and loud noises everything else is learned as we grow. In prehistoric times it was essential that we learned what was safe and what wasn’t fast so we watched our parents and other tribe members to know what we should fear and what we shouldn’t, fear kept our ancestors safe but in the modern world, fear is not that useful and can be very limiting. It is common for children to pick up fears and phobias by watching or listening to their parents. What fears did you pick up in childhood?

Just as fears and phobias can be learned from parents so can anxiety, regularly witnessing your mother or father in a state of anxiety can have a long-lasting effect on a child. As we said above children look to their primary caregivers for feedback on their environment if you see your parents constantly anxious you may have adopted the belief that the world is not a safe place and suffer from anxiety yourself.  If you are constantly being attacked and put down as a child this can also cause you to adopt the belief that the world is not a safe place and cause anxiety.

Inner Child Healing for Self Image

Most parents are very loving and caring, they appreciate their kids and raise them in loving, stable environments but some parents see their children as more of a hindrance than a gift, they treat their children with contempt and see them as dumping grounds for their own toxic shame.

Children who grow up in such environments often develop a negative self-image, CPTSD and even personality disorders they then project their own insecurity and hurt onto others. Inner child healing can help adults who grew up in such environments to quieten their inner critic and feel more secure in the world, most importantly it can help them recognise these patterns so they don’t hurt others or pass these issues onto their own kids.

Inner Child Healing for Relationships

When we are children we learn how to relate to others and how others should relate to us if you find yourself repeatedly attracting the same kind of partner the chances are you are basing your relationship choices on one of your parents this is not problematic if your parents related to you in a healthy manner but if your parents were abusive to you or each other you may have grown up to model this behaviour and act it out in your own relationships.

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