I think it’s fair to say that everyone, irrespective of who they are or what they do would consider finding some form of personal fulfilment and happiness a priority. Popular belief says you need to work harder than everyone else if you want to be successful, put in the work and hours, if you get lucky you will be a success but quantum physics and the law of attraction proves this is a myth. As mentioned in a previous post, like attracts like so if you want good things you need to be in a good place mentally, you need to be feeling happy and positive not stressed and miserable.

If you are stressing and complaining or getting angry easily you won’t be putting out a good vibration. Carl Jung said, “what you resist not only persists but will grow in size.” So the more you stay focused on what you don’t have the harder it will be to get it. You need to feel happy with where you are before you can get to where you want to be. If you are a grumpy Victor Meldrew you probably think that the law of attraction sounds a bit woo-woo but history and numerous studies have shown that those who have an optimistic outlook have the most success.

Positive people are more mentally healthy, they have more confidence, more resilience and energy. They set higher goals and aim to achieve more in life, because of their positive attitudes they don’t give up easily. Positive people are more global in their outlook, they observe more and find more opportunities. Positive people are more popular socially, no one likes being around a whinger. People who fly off the handle, jump to conclusions, whinge and complain all the time just make everyone else feel bad.

Changing Your Attitude

So how can you change from a negative attitude to a positive one? Improved mental attitude will change a person’s life for the better in so many ways, there is just no point in complaining all the time, what has moaning and whinging ever gotten you? The more you moan and complain the more you enforce a negative situation, energy flows where the attention goes. The more you focus on negative the more you will attract it, there are many examples that prove this to be a fact. Have you ever noticed that when you are ill and lie around you feel worse but when you get up and go about your day you feel better?

Show Gratitude

The best way to become more positive and happy as you are is by expressing gratitude and appreciation for what you have. List everything that you are grateful for in the morning when you awake and before you sleep at night take some time to remember at least three new things that you have been grateful for during the day, it could be something small like finding a penny or someone smiling at you. Try to find a positive in every situation.

Be Authentic

Be true to who you are, take some time to know your core values and try to live your life based around them. Accept you are at, you can’t make room for something new until you are happy with what you have. It will help you to grow as a person if you accept where you are in life and aren’t pretending to be somewhere or something you are not.

Visualize Your Success

It’s good to dream, society looks down on daydreamers but this is yet another myth that research has proven wrong. In the film Enter The Dragon Bruce Lee said, “Don’t think, feel!”

Nearly all sports people use visualization techniques, Tiger Woods, Micheal Phelps, Andy Murray and many others use visualization techniques, many top sports coaches insist on their athletes visualizing success before a race or a game. Visualizing your success helps you feel like you have achieved your goals and as we said above feeling like you already have what you want will draw it to you. Visualization techniques have even been shown to create new neural pathways so by visualizing what you want regularly you can actually rewire your brain and you can mentally become who you want to be. That is why I include some form of visualization in all of my hypnosis sessions and recordings including the two below.

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