The ancient Greek philosopher, Plato once said “likes tend toward likes” and Plato is still considered a pivotal figure in Western philosophy. The law of attraction is a widely believed in philosophy, the philosophy behind the law of attraction is that everything is energy and we can attract anything we want by simply matching the energy of the thing we want in our lives.

If we are negative about our life situations and the people around us we will find ourselves in negative and undesirable situations, if we are happy and grateful we will find ourselves in positive and happy situations. We can improve our results in life by changing our thinking patterns.

So how can you change your thoughts? Thought patterns can be changed using a number of different methods, by creating a more positive mindset you can really harness the full power of the law of attraction.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a modality that was created by John Grinder and Richard Bandler in the seventies, Bandler and Grinder observed the habits of successful therapists such as the like of Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson to create a series of techniques that anyone could emulate, NLP techniques can be used to help people feel more confident or more relaxed and to help them reprogram their minds.

What Do You Desire?

The first step towards achieving your desires is deciding what they are and set yourself some goals to help you achieve them. S.M.A.R.T goals are one NLP technique that can be used to set yourself goals that you will achieve, S.M.A.R.T stands for;

Specific – Be specific about what you want, how rich is rich? Put a precise number on the amount of money you want to have.

Measurable – Make your goals are measurable so you can easily track your progress and measure your journey to achieving them.

Attainable – How much do you believe in your ability to achieve your goal, if you don’t 100% believe that your goal is 100% attainable you will be wasting your time by setting it, you need to set goals that you are certain you can attain.

Realistic – Your goals need to be attainable and realistic but they also need to push you beyond your boundaries.

Timely – Give your goals an exact time frame, an exact time frame will ensure you get the motivation you need to reach your goals.

Write Down Your Goals

Once you have a clear idea of exactly what you want and written down your S.M.A.R.T put them on the fridge or on your bedroom door, stick them somewhere so that you will see them regularly every day.

Write yourself a cheque for the amount of money you want and post-date it in-line with your time frame, a cheque is a promise to pay just like money so by writing a post-dated cheque you are actually creating money and the law of attraction means that the universe has to deliver the money you desire.

Keep Yourself Feeling Good

As we mentioned earlier energy attracts like energy so if you want to use the law of attraction the last thing you want to feel is depressed, if you want to become rich you need to feel as though you already are rich. Try to visualise yourself as having already achieved your goals several times throughout the day and keep your feelings positive.

It really is mind over matter so maintain a positive mental state. In NLP there is a trick called anchoring that can be used to maintain a state. To create an anchor, decide what your desired state is and visualize yourself with all the attributes you will have in the state you desire, see what you see, hear what you will hear and once you are fully experiencing the state you want you can anchor that feeling by pinching together your index finger and thumb or you could touch your ear. Once you have anchored the desired state you can access it by repeating the action.

You Will See It When You Believe It

There are a number of NLP presuppositions, one NLP supposition is “we all have the resources we need all of the time” if you remember this presupposition you will believe in yourself and be able to maintain a positive, productive mind state at all times.

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