Hypnosis is a very effective intervention for people suffering from anxiety. This study found that around 79% of people experienced a reduction in their anxiety when compared to control subjects. 

I personally suffered with very bad anxiety which negatively affected all areas of my life. I tried several different modalities including counselling and EFT but I found anxiety hypnotherapy to be the only thing that really helped me and that is why I decided to become a hypnotherapist. 

The study mentioned above found  “Hypnosis was more effective in reducing anxiety when combined with other psychological interventions than when used as a stand-alone treatment.” When I work with clients I don’t just use hypnotherapy to help them overcome their anxiety. Anxiety is a conditioned response, when a person experiences anxiety they are actually experiencing the symptoms of fear so when I work with clients suffering from anxiety I take a trauma informed approach which often incorporates elements of CBT, mindfulness and inner child work. 

Is Hypnotherapy Guaranteed To Help Anxiety? 

Very few things in life are guaranteed and hypnotherapy is no different but if a client wants to overcome their anxiety and is willing to actually participate in the therapy it is highly likely that they will find hypnotherapy to be effective. It is not a case of closing your eyes, waking up and being fixed, hypnotherapy does not work like that. For hypnotherapy to be effective a client needs to commit to it and be willing to engage in the session. 

I ask clients to commit to three hypnotherapy sessions, based on the feedback and testimonials I have received from clients I would estimate that hypnotherapy is at least 95% effective when it comes to helping people overcome anxiety. With most clients experiencing a rapid improvement after just one session. Feedback and testimonials  can be found all over my website and on my facebook page. 

When I work with a client I will ask them questions to get to the root cause of their anxiety, show techniques and give exercises that can be used outside of the session. Some clients don’t wish to close their eyes and go into a deep state of trance and this is fine, hypnosis can still be used conversationally to release any trauma, help the client feel less anxious, calmer and more confident in their day to day life. 

Why Is Hypnotherapy Such An Effective Modality For Anxiety Sufferers? 

The hypnotherapy I provide is effective at helping people to overcome anxiety for the below reasons: 

  • I have experienced and successfully overcome many of the issues my clients are looking for help with so I know what worked for me and my clients. 
  • I take a trauma informed approach to therapy, am present and don’t judge, I am able to “hold space” for my clients allowing them to feel safe and heard. 
  • Hypnosis can be very relaxing, the more a person takes time to relax the easier it actually becomes to relax and the calmer they will feel in their day to day life.
  • It is a fact that your mind can’t tell the difference between a real and imagined event. Hypnosis increases a person’s ability to visualise themselves the way they want to be, visualisation actually creates new neural pathways in the clients brain and allows them to change almost effortlessly. 
  • I use hypnotherapy techniques that are very effective for people suffering from PTSD and complex trauma. Releasing trauma allows people to have better emotional regulation. 

Hypnosis is not magic but it can feel like it and clients who really want to overcome anxiety will find that hypnotherapy is effective if they are willing to engage inside and outside of sessions. Book a call via my website if you would like to find out more about hypnotherapy for anxiety and discuss how it can help you. 

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