Recording contains hypnosis. Don’t listen whilst driving or operating heavy machinery. Recording of a free zoom discussion in which Mark Stubbles, a hypnotherapist who suffered with chronic anxiety will explain what depression is. He will show very powerful techniques to help you immediately reduce depressed and anxious feelings. Anxiety and depression are said to be the most common form of mental illness recent studies show 25% of the U.K population suffers with anxiety/depression or both. Mixed Anxiety & Depression Most Common Mental Disorder With 9% of People Meeting Criteria For Diagnosis. Figures From The Mental Health Foundation. With the pandemic, lockdowns and covid restrictions mental health issues have increased further with many are predicting that depression and anxiety will be the next epidemic. Discover the causes of depression. Learn what anxiety is. How anxiety and depression are linked. Learn ways to reduce depressed and anxious feelings. Discover how hypnosis can help with anxiety and depression. Discover how you can stop anxiety controlling your life. Discover how you can stop anxiety affecting your relationships. Discover how you can stop anxiety affecting how you live your life. Discover ways to feel more positive. Discover natural ways to feel less anxious, more in control and less depressed. Who is this for? Anyone who suffers with depression and or anxiety. Anyone who feels their life lacks meaning. Anyone who doesn’t feel good enough. Anyone who feels lost. Anyone who feels disconnected. Anyone who is anxious about the future. Anyone who feels out of control. For many depression stems from profound unhappiness or past trauma. Learn amazing hacks to induce a focused state of calm, powerful breathing techniques, a simple and discreet way you can apply Chinese medicine to instantly induce positive feelings, reduce anxiety and panic. Guided meditation/hypnosis session to end. Join my free Facebook group and get instant access to anxiety reducing and confidence building techniques Book a free chat with me via my website,

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