Do not listen to the hypnosis part of this recording whilst driving. To watch the video version on Youtube

In this free zoom discussion Mark Stubbles, a hypnotherapist who suffered with chronic anxiety will explain what anxiety is and how inner child healing can help you overcome it. He will show very powerful techniques to help you immediately reduce anxious feelings and hold a guided mediation/hypnosis session. On this free 60-90 minute workshop You will learn about toxic shame and how it causes us to suffer emotional dysregulation. Through inner child healing work I been able to deal with my own anxiety and complex PTSD. Inner child healing can help to: Stop Negative Self Talk Forgive Yourself and Others Understand How The Mind Works Heal Trauma Increase Confidence Increase Self-Esteem Stop Yourself Imposing Limiting Beliefs on Your Own Child Remove Obstacles Preventing Your From Achieving Your Goals Increase Positive Thoughts Reduce Anxious Feelings Who is this for? Anyone who suffers with anxiety. Anyone who grew up with dysfunction. Anyone who feels their life lacks meaning. Anyone who doesn’t feel good enough. Anyone who feels lost. Anyone who feels disconnected. Anyone who is anxious about the future. Anyone who feels out of control. Anyone who wants to learn about inner child work. Anyone who is interested in hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Guided meditation/hypnosis session to end. Join my free Facebook group and get instant access to anxiety reducing and confidence building techniques… Book a free chat with me via my website,

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