No, anxiety can never be cured completely even with hypnotherapy we can’t completely banish anxious feelings from our lives they actually play an important role in keeping us safe. Anxiety and anxious feelings are your mind’s response to danger, if you were in grave danger you would need many of those anxiety symptoms. 


When we are in danger our body releases hormones which means it can rapidly produce what we need to make our escape or stay and fight. When our body releases adrenaline we will rapidly experience several phenomena to help us escape danger. 

An increased heart rate gets the blood flowing around our body, providing the muscles with what they need for action. We may begin to sweat so we can keep cool during the exertion our mind believes is coming. Breathing will probably increase in an attempt to get more oxygen into the lungs. We will become hyper vigilant and have heightened senses to locate potential threats and danger. Our ability to experience pain will decrease allowing us to get away if we have an injury or die without too much discomfort. 

We will experience an increase in strength hence stories of people being able to lift cars, etc. when in danger. Our pupils will dilate so our eyes can let in more light. We will feel restless and struggle to keep still because in the event of an emergency the last thing we want to be doing is relaxing. 


Cortisol is another stress hormone that increases when our mind thinks we are in danger, cortisol inhibits insulin production and increases the availability of glucose in your bloodstream ensuring that your muscles and brain have ready access to energy. Reduced inflammation means we can continue fighting or making our escape even if we have an injury. Increased cortisol will divert all your energy to making an escape. 

Chronic anxiety sufferers will experience many negative effects from a long term increase in stress hormones. Cortisol will cause weight gain and insomnia, if you are presented with immediate danger the last thing you will need to worry about is reproduction so your ability to conceive or create babies will be greatly reduced. The body wouldn’t need to worry about viruses if you were being chased by a tyrannosaurus rex so that energy is diverted from the immune system and chronic anxiety sufferers will often experience more illness. 

So anxiety can never be completely eliminated, it’s something we all experience and for good reason. We will have actually evolved from the most anxious of our ancestors, cavemen who strolled around chilled out and relaxed would have been picked off by pterodactyls. The humans of today will have evolved from the most genetically predisposed to anxiety. 

Anxiety Can Be Reduced

Anxiety can’t be completely banished from your life I am afraid but it can be reduced, for many of us anxiety is a learned response and as such it can be unlearned. I unlearned anxiety through cognitive behavioural therapy, emotional freedom technique, mindfulness and hypnotherapy. I learned to stop fighting my feelings, as Carl Jung said, what you resist will not only persist but grow in size. 

Hypnosis For Anxiety

At first I wasn’t sure about hypnosis, I thought it was mind control and I didn’t feel comfortable relaxing. Hypnosis helps anxiety sufferers for several reasons one benefit of  hypnosis is that it brings us into the present moment Lao Tzu is believed to have said, depression is living in the past, anxiety is living in the future and peace is living in the past. Hypnosis creates a focused state of attention and this brings us into the present moment. 

Hypnosis also increases our ability to visualise, your mind cannot tell the difference between a real or imagined event by visualising yourself the way we want to be. You will actually create new neural pathways in your brain and start behaving like the person you want to become at an unconscious level.

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