Pain is often an important health signal, it’s your body’s way of telling you something is wrong and it should not be ignored, if you are suffering with pain that hasn’t been diagnosed you should stop reading now and seek qualified medical advice. If you have seen a doctor and he or she has told you the pain is psychosomatic or that they can only prescribe pain killers you should keep reading because I am going to tell you some of the most effective ways to reduce and even completely eliminate pain permanently. Reducing pain without drugs often has the added benefits of no side effects and it isn’t detrimental in the long term.

Hypnosis for Pain Relief

It may not surprise you to read that hypnosis is my favourite natural remedy for pain relief, my own back pain was one of the reasons I became interested in hypnosis. The human body is very effective at healing itself, your subconscious mind is always looking out for you, creating new cells and repairing the damage. Your brain is like the most advanced of medicine chests and it can trigger your body to release all kinds of powerful chemicals to heal you and reduce your pain, for any kind of drug to be effective it needs to bond to a receptor. If your body has a receptor for the drug it means it can produce something to bond to that receptor.

Many, many studies have shown that placebos can reduce pain as effectively as morphine in up to 70% of test subjects. The placebo effect is so widely recognised that drug companies cannot get drugs approved unless they prove their effectiveness against placebos. Just like placebos can heal us there is a phenomenon called the nocebo effect that can actually make us ill such is the power your mind has over your body.

EFT for Pain Relief

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT is based on Chinese medicine and it uses acupressure points found all over the body. EFT was developed by a man called Gary Craig and he believed disruptions in the body’s energy field caused all emotional and physical pain.

By tapping points where the Chi or Qi flows through the body EFT practitioners believe we can restore healthy energy flow and release any mental or physical blockages in the body’s energy system.

I recently joined forces with Francesca Molinari, an experienced EFT coach. Francesca and I have created a course to help eradicate all sorts of pain very quickly in a safe and side effect free manner, the course uses EFT and Hypnotherapy to reduce and eliminate the pain you can learn more about it here


As I mentioned above I used to suffer from back pain caused by a slipped disk pressing on a nerve, the injury was so bad that I couldn’t even stand let alone walk for a few days after I had done it. I have found yoga to be very effective in helping me to improve my posture and relieve back pain. I am not an expert on myofascial release but I believe yoga has helped me to release knots and it has definitely strengthened my core which is very important for sufferers of back pain.

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