Social anxiety can make work and social situations very difficult to cope with, social anxiety can be so debilitating that sufferers often find their career and relationship options limited or even non-existent this limits earning potential and can mean sufferers find themselves with abusive partners.

Fear of inappropriate blushing, sweating, sweaty palms and saying or doing silly things are all symptoms of social anxiety, these issues are not only worsened by anxiety but fear of them actually makes it worse.

Fear of blushing is called erythrophobia, as someone who suffered from social anxiety and a fear of blushing I found social interactions and keeping a job to be very difficult, work became a living nightmare. In the end, I started to isolate himself, I found ways to work from home, I struggled to make friends and so my social circle became smaller. I always struggled to create relationships and any I did form were abusive and unhealthy.

Social anxiety caused me to create a very unhappy and dysfunctional life, it became so bad that I started looking for solutions. The only effective methods I could find to help me were EFT, breathing exercises, regular meditation and hypnotherapy. I find EFT and breathing exercises to be very effective and discreet ways to deal with anxiety in social situations, using EFT I can rub a pressure point and focus on the sensations I feel when doing so.

Breathing exercises such as box or seven, eleven breathing are excellent ways to quickly reduce anxiety and panic. Anxiety is a fight or flight response so breathing and heart rate increase but using a technique like seven, eleven breathing can trick the mind into relaxation because if you were truly in a life or death situation the last thing you would be doing is breathing out for longer than you were breathing in. Both of the above breathing exercises and a hypnosis recording to stop blushing can be found on my YouTube channel.

Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective treatment for many conditions including anxiety. Many anxious people think that they are too nervous to be hypnotised but this is not true, hypnosis is a perfectly natural state that we all experience several times during the course of a day. Hypnosis is not something that is done to you it is done with your cooperation, I tell clients that as long as they can follow my instructions they will have no problem experiencing hypnosis, a state where positive change can occur. People with anxiety usually make great hypnotic subjects because they have great imaginations, with hypnosis we can change what they are imagining and how they see themselves from negative to positive, unhelpful to helpful.

Online hypnotherapy can be even more effective for anxious clients because they can have their session from anywhere they feel comfortable and don’t even need to leave their own home. With an encrypted video-conferencing application such as Zoom clients can be sure of privacy and confidentiality. For my stop blushing and social anxiety clients I have created a Facebook group which offers videos and lifetime support. You can learn more about my stop blushing therapy here

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