The last part of this workshop 20 minutes contains hypnosis, do not listen whilst driving.

In this free zoom discussion Mark Stubbles, a hypnotherapist, who suffered with chronic anxiety and CPTSD will show very powerful techniques to help you immediately reduce flashbacks, anxiety, negative thought’s, dissociation, painful memories and emotions.

Mark will discuss why he considers hypnotherapy to the best way to help PTSD and CPTSD sufferers. He will discuss the effects of trauma and complex trauma. He will talk about how hypnosis can be used to remove negative emotion from traumatic memories and help sufferers of PTSD and CPTSD.

Mark has a very popular YouTube video which many PTSD sufferers have found beneficial

Learn more about how Mark uses hypnosis to help people suffering with PTSD and CPTSD here,

This workshop is for you if you suffer with:
Emotional Pain.
Negative self talk.
Poor self esteem.
Poor self image.
You are a people pleaser.
You just can’t say no.
You would like to be a better parent.
Your partner has accused you of being abusive.
You keep attracting abusive partners.
You suffer with anxiety.
You use sex, drugs or food to numb your emotions.
You have anger issues.
You try to avoid your feelings.
You have no confidence.
Learn about PTSD & CPTSD.
Learn about hypnosis & hypnotherapy.

Free guided meditation/hypnosis session to end.

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