Employee engagement is the extent to which an employee feels passionate about his job. It is important for every organization because it can drive employee performance and make employees consider companies and their purpose, where and how they fit in.

Is your employee engagement strategy feeling a bit stale? Here are some best practices to foster employee engagement in your workplace:

Ensure Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is the extent to which an employee feels self-motivated, content & satisfied with his/her job. When it comes to managing their employees, it is one of the most complex areas faced by today’s managers. So, make sure you are doing everything in your ability to ensure an employee is satisfied with all aspects including mental, physical, social and financial aspects.

Acknowledge Their Hard Work

Employees value acknowledgement of their hard work more than financial incentive. It has also been proven by various studies that employees who receive recognition throughout the year are more satisfied in their jobs. So, make some time to praise their achievements from time to time.

Foster Collaboration

Being part of a circle fosters engagement. Try to connect them within a circle via different corporate wellness apps or communication platforms. CircleCare corporate wellness app is a great way to engage co-workers to foster a collaborative & healthy workplace.

Train Them

Employees tend to leave an organization, when they feel undervalued or under-challenged and eventually seek out potential employers that provide what they are looking for. Provide them with upskilling opportunities and career development opportunities.    

Provide Positive Reinforcements

Frequent small incentives can be highly effective. Think about weekly and monthly employee perks, rather than annual. Dinner out for the ones who are staying late to finish an emergency project, Free Lunches for most productive ones, Movie Tickets for high performing workgroups. Be creative and modify to your workforce behaviour with positive reinforcements.

Add Flexibility

Allowing employees to rearrange their task or work hours lets them feel more in control of their work and priorities. Productivity and outcomes are more important than processes.


The foundation of a transparent and efficient organization is open communication. Build a transparent relationship with your employees to ensures that they will talk to you about any of their problems. Open door policies and frequent small group meetings with the employees can lead to a faster resolution and a speedier return to productivity.

Care about their wellbeing

A 2017 survey of 1000 found that almost half of them would leave a job where an employer doesn’t care about their wellbeing.  Inexpensive things like free water, healthy snacks, and ergonomic chairs or Investment in corporate wellness app to help them to live healthy, show your employees that you are interested in their wellbeing.  

Employee engagement can reduce staff turnover, improve productivity and efficiency, retain more customers and help improve the bottom line – Profit. Successful businesses have already understood it – When are you going to start practising it?

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