I have decided to move my hypnotherapy practice entirely online for a number of reasons, it means I can target a wider audience with lower overheads but it is also more effective for customers. My clients have been benefiting from online therapy sessions for all kinds of issues such as stop smoking hypnotherapy and inner child healing for both of these services I have created exclusive groups where clients can access bonus resources and get ongoing support but there are many other advantages for my clients besides the exclusive group access. 

It means you need to schedule less time out of your day – I used to find many clients had to take time off work or travel a fair distance to see me for their therapy session since I have switched to offering therapy sessions online clients have been able to fit the sessions in around their day much more easily. I have seen clients in their office on their lunch break and even successfully done therapy sessions with people in their car. 

You can feel completely comfortable and safe – Having your therapy sessions online means you will feel more comfortable, relaxed and safe. Being more comfortable and relaxed allows for more effective therapy as it allows you and I to communicate more effectively, it can also allow you to relax more deeply and reach somnambulism during hypnosis. A somnambulistic state can make your subconscious mind more open to positive change, the deeper states of trance are extremely effective for pain relief. For some clients just leaving the house is an issue online therapy means they can feel completely safe. 

Therapy can be done from anywhere – Doing the therapy sessions online means we can do them from anywhere no matter your location, this means you can be completely comfortable and you don’t have to take time out of your day, it also means we can do therapy while you are travelling on holiday or business. For clients with a fear of public speaking online therapy is particularly beneficial as it means we can do therapy sessions from their hotel rooms just before public speaking or important business engagements. 

What Do You Need to Do to Ensure Your Online Therapy Session is Successful?

There are many benefits that online therapy can offer but what do you need to do to ensure it is as successful as possible? The first step to ensure maximum therapy success is to be completely open with me about the issue. On the day of the therapy session, I ask clients to find somewhere comfortable where they won’t be deserved, some clients like to lie on their bed but I find the sessions are more effective if the client is sitting in a chair with their back supported, it’s best if I can see your upper body and head.

Most people have smartphones these days and a smartphone is perfectly adequate for online therapy sessions if you have a laptop or desktop with a webcam that can be even better. Before the therapy session, I will send you a Zoom link, Zoom is an online conferencing software similar to Skype but more stable. 

A stable internet connection is obviously essential to online therapy. Online hypnotherapy is perfectly safe, even if we should get disconnected during the session you will come back to the present feeling perfectly relaxed and be able to reconnect by clicking the Zoom link again.

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